Alejandro Otero, Drawings for Sculptures: The Dimension of Flight

Alejandro Otero, Drawings for Sculptures: The Dimension of Flight

Author: María Elena Ramos

Alejandro Otero (1921-1990) is among the most important and influential contemporary Venezuelan artists. He led the abstract avantgarde of his country from the early fifties of the XX Century, and he exerted a definitive influence on the formation of successive generations of artists.
No other Venezuelan artist has bequeathed, along with a vast and varied work, a theoretical work about his own art, that of his time and of all times, as prolific, bright and visionary as Alejandro Otero. Testimony of this are his many writings, reflections, public controversies and published essays.
The selection of drawings in this book, made during two decades of work, allows us to delve into the development of Alejandro Otero’s creative thinking, to penetrate the intimacy of his gestation processes. They offer valuable testimony of his motivations, interests and creative ambitions, in the context of his research around sculpture and about the sense of art in his time.
Conceived for tridimensional works, these drawings are in fact autonomous and complete in themselves. They reveal an expressive virtuosity that attests to the artist’s imaginative freedom, his confidence in the renovating powers of art, fascinated by the progress made by science and technology. Endowed with a futuristic dimension, these drawings refer to the field of scientific utopia and fiction, to the era of space exploration, to the choreography of stars and satellites. They are about a positive and optimistic dimension of the future of man and his world, demonstrating that there are no dreams that may resist the powers of genius and inventions of a great creator, such as Alejandro Otero.

Adolfo Wilson

María Elena Ramos (1947) is an art critic, researcher and teacher of art. She was a founding member of the National Gallery of Art, Caracas, and of the Museum of Popular Art, Petare. She is a former director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas. Ramos collaborates with cultural supplements of the El Nacional and El Universal newspapers. She has worked extensively as a curator, mainly in international biennales such as Venice, Sao Paolo, Medellin, and Cuenca. Among her works, Intervenciones en el espacio: diálogos en el MBA (1999); Armónico- Disonante (2001); Fotociudad, estética urbana y lenguaje fotográfico (2002); De las formas del arte (2003); Diálogos con el arte (2007), Gego (2012), El Ávila (2014), and El libro de la belleza (2015)

Year 2019 / 1st edition
ISBN: 978-980-6671-16-4

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White woodfree Chinese paper
244 pages

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